9 Ways Technology Has Changed Our Lives

Every new technological advancement changes our lives a bit. Sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worse, but the change is inevitable. Today, we live in a whole new world, often unaware of the ways in which technology had affected it.

How we live, work, travel, communicate — technology has changed all that. However, some changes are more significant than others.

Here Are 9 Relevant Ways in Which Technology Has Changed Our Lives

1. It changed how we learn

Before computers and smartphones became widely available, getting information was a lot harder. People couldn’t just grab a device with the access to the entirety of human knowledge and get answers to their questions. Now, it is possible to get every piece of information on a silver platter, with links to relevant sources and references to books from which the information had originated.

Another educational change caused by technology is where we learn. Before the internet era, people had to go far away from home in order to learn something. Nowadays, we can find a course we’re interested in online, take it, and get a degree without ever leaving home.

2. It changed how we communicate

Before the internet, computers, smartphones, apps, video calls and social media, communicating took more effort.

If we wanted to talk to someone over the phone, we had to either go to a payphone or wait to get home and call them. Not to mention that the person we were calling had to be at home as well.

A message, a package, or the money we wanted to send had to travel for days, if not weeks to its destination.

Nowadays, we send messages that reach their destination in mere seconds. We send money via our smartphones and computers. We communicate via mobile phones regardless of where we are. And, we can send packages via airplanes and drones, and they will reach their destinations within hours, days at most.

Thanks to technology, every form of communication is now available 24/7.

3. It changed our health and how we heal

In this regard, technology affected our lives in two ways — one good and one bad.

Thanks to technology, we are living at a much faster pace, electronic equipment is all around us, and we always want to have more but put in less effort. As a result, our collective health is at a lower level than it was, for instance, during the 50s. Our diet is much less healthy and our physical condition is much worse. According to experts — all of this is due to the rapid technological advancements making our lives faster and easier.

On the other hand, thanks to technology, we can live longer. Certain illnesses that were deadly before new technologies had arrived are now completely curable. Just look at our accomplishments in the field of medicine over the past 50 years and you will see incredible advances. Genetic illnesses being treated, disorders being controlled, organs being grown…

Thanks to technology, medicine is taking large strides towards being able to heal anyone from any ailment. That’s no small feat, so we deem that technology’s pluses overcame the minuses here.

4. It completely altered the work landscape and will keep doing so

The first thing companies do when there’s a new technology available is to ask themselves: “How can we implement this?”

That’s why technology has found its way into every segment of work, why it has embedded itself into every vocation, and why it is necessary for every employee. Everything that could be automated already is, which, of course, affected how we work and opened new workplaces. Although people sometimes claim that new technologies are taking jobs away, they are actually creating new ones on a daily basis.

Thanks to technology, people can now work and be location-independent. Our work is also simpler and we can be faster, not to mention more effective at what we do.

Also, thanks to technology, financial institutions have introduced online systems that make our lives easier, every company is now an open book with an online presence and client reviews, and fair competition rules the market.

5. It changed how we read

Only several years ago, if you wanted to read a book, you’d have to go to a library or a bookstore to buy it. However, thanks to technology, there’s no more need for paper books. Almost any book you might want is now available online in a .pdf, .mobi, .azw3, or some other ebook format. Downloadable, easy to read, easy to store and take with you wherever you go.

Thanks to technology, there’s no longer a need for us to cut trees to make paper. Also, there’s no need for lugging heavy books around. We can simply put an entire library into one device and put it into our pockets. Easy, compact, and always available.

6. It altered parenting

Before, parents had to teach their kids based on their own knowledge. They had to come up with creative learning games on their own.

Now, thanks to technology, even parenting is made easier. When parents don’t know how to react to their child’s sudden change in behavior, they can just google a solution. When they need to help their kids with a school project, they can just find a how-to video that will teach them how to do it.

Whether they want to teach kids to read before time, ride a bike, or boost their child’s creativity — they can always find a tutorial for it online.

While technology did make parenting a bit easier, it also added a bit more work. Parents now have to teach their kids how to behave online, and warn them about potential dangers.

7. It changed our habits and brought new addictions

As technology changes, people adapt to it. They develop new habits and behavior patterns. Now, while technology can be a positive impact on one’s life, it can also be negative.

You can hear about game addicts dying in front of their screens, internet addicts refusing to leave their homes, or social media addicts who spend more time on their phones than in actual human-to-human social interactions.

While adapting to new technologies is a positive thing and can be good for a future career and personal development, moderation is the key.

8. It changed how we live our lives

While people were once focused on their own lives and the lives of those closest to them, now, thanks to technology, we are more focused on appearances, instant satisfaction, and simplicity.

People do everything in their power to seem beautiful, happy, interesting, or successful online. We shop online because it’s faster and demands less effort.

Thanks to the faster tempo at which everything is happening these days thanks to technology, we are a lot busier than we would have been 30 years ago. However, we are not more productive.

So, just as every other advancement, technology too is a double-edged sword. It can impact our lives for the better, or for the worse.

9. It changed traveling

Thanks to technological advancements of the last 100 years, we have airplanes, spacecrafts, and ships that can take us wherever we want to go, even to the moon.

Thanks to other technologies, we can buy cheap airplane tickets quickly and via a phone app. We can call an Uber cab to pick us up when and where we need.

Technology has made it easy for us to check out any place on this planet before we go there. We can avoid getting lost thanks to GPS and enjoy our trips. We can also rate our experiences and share them online with people like us, who will then use them as guides for their own travels.

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